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Overhaul of cranes in Gutman Ukraine

Repair of cranes is a responsible task, since this equipment is considered one of the most important elements of the technical equipment of a construction site. Please note that if you drag out time in the event of any equipment malfunctions until a complete breakdown, then a major overhaul of cranes may be necessary. We recommend that damage and malfunctions of the crane be eliminated in a timely manner in order to avoid large costs for future repairs.

As a rule, the repair of cranes may be required due to wear and tear of the mechanisms responsible for lifting loads. The need for crane repair over time can also arise due to regular loads, temperature changes and many other factors.

Overhead crane repair

A typical overhead crane repair may include inspection and adjustment of the mechanical part, replacement of worn parts, adjustment of brake and safety devices, as well as oil changes and other similar operations, depending on the need.

As for the overhaul, in this case, a complete disassembly and subsequent assembly of all crane mechanisms, replacement of most of the worn structural parts and other labor-intensive operations can be carried out.

Gantry crane repair

Repair of a gantry crane can be accompanied by a number of such basic operations:

  • replacement of wheels, winch and traction rope;
  • adjustment of the control panel and replacement of the equipment control system;
  • replacement of the electric motor and gearbox;
  • drawing up a project to increase the lifting capacity of the crane;
  • changing the span of the crane;
  • installation of a device that limits the carrying capacity;
  • installation and dismantling.
  • Overhaul of gantry cranes can include many operations, we have named only a few of them. You can get more detailed information by contacting our specialists, who will provide full information on all questions of interest.
  • Timely repair of crane beams allows you to protect employees from emergencies that may arise due to a cable break, brake failure or a faulty remote control, for example.

We emphasize that the higher the load on the gantry crane, the more often it is necessary to check the condition of this equipment. Preparation for the repair of the crane requires a thorough diagnosis of all its mechanisms. The repair process may include both minor changes (for example, painting the frame), and changes in the crane control mechanisms, as well as replacing the flexible current lead with a busbar.

All repairs are carried out in accordance with the passport data of the GPO.

Gutman Ukraine performs exceptionally high-quality repairs of various types of cranes.

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