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Overhead grab cran

An overhead grab crane is used for reloading, lifting and transporting bulk, bulk or lumpy materials using a rope or mounted electromechanical or electro-hydraulic grab.


Overhead grab cranes with mounted grab are equipped with a locking mechanism built into the grab design. In this case, a cable winch is installed on one of the traverse, equipped with a lever-screw or hydraulic system for tightening the traverse.

Overhead grab cran

The grab can be opened along or across the span of the bridge. Clamshell overhead cranes with a mounted drive grab are capable of transporting piece goods using a hook.

It is possible to equip grab cranes with multi-jaw grabs, the jaws of which (from three to eight) have a crescent shape and are designed to work with difficult-to-draw material, for example, lumpy ore. For scooping materials from ship's holds or wagons, special raking grabs are used.


Overhead grab cranes are used when working in open areas, but they can also be used in the harsh temperature and climatic conditions of foundries.

Grab Crane

Brige Grab Crane

When assembling the crane assemblies, we take into account the technological specifics of the customer's production, as well as the individual requirements reflected in the terms of reference for the crane. In the production of a special overhead grab crane, we use components from leading manufacturers and trusted suppliers.

Below are the technical characteristics of the basic line of special overhead grab cranes. At the request of the customer, the parameter values ​​can be changed, for this fill out the questionnaire for the overhead grab crane.


Overhead grab crane specifications table


  • Lifting height, m: 24
  • Lifting speed, m / min: 48
  • Trolley travel speed, m / min: 48
  • Crane travel speed, m / min: 96

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