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System of Cable Current Leads (on the C-profile)

The cable support system on the C-profile is designed both for supplying power to mobile consumers and a control signal for actuating mechanisms. The system can be designed to use flat or round cables of various cross-sections. Carrying C-profile of various cross-sections (from 30mm to 63mm) is designed for cable loads from 40 to 500 kg. All system components are manufactured from high quality corrosion-resistant materials to improve the reliability of equipment operation in dusty, humid, cold or hot environments. The operating temperature range of the systems is from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C.

At the request of the customer, the system can be supplied assembled with a cable.

Diagram of the cable supply of power and control line to the consumer

The above diagram shows an example of the application of the system on a C-profile with a suspension from a flat cable to a mobile crane hoist (electric hoist). One or more cables of circular cross-section can also be used to power and control complex mechanisms (load trolleys of electric cranes).

If necessary, the control signal can be diverted from the pendant control panel of the crane with the function of moving the control panel independently of the operating mechanism (electric hoist, cargo trolley).

Diagram of the cable outlet of the control signal from the mobile control panel