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Pratzen-crane or crane with claws belongs to the class of special overhead cranes and is used in metallurgical workshops for transporting rolled steel or billets. The load-gripping device of the Pratzen-crane is used as traverses with paws, as well as lifting magnets or hooks.

Pratzen crane legs allow working with hot rolled steel, and are also used for cargo insurance. The advantage of a load-gripping device with legs is that it significantly reduces the time it takes to attach the loads to be lifted.


Pratzen cranes designed for metallurgical production are designed for heavy and very heavy duty in a temperature environment exceeding + 40 ° С, and also have a high productivity due to their high movement speed.


The trolley of the pratzen-crane can be rotary, which will allow to lay rolled products or blanks both along and across the workshop or warehouse. In this case, the traverse with legs, as a rule, is attached to two rigid guides that prevent the traverse from swinging during acceleration (rigid suspension) or suspended from the crane trolley using ropes (flexible suspension).

When assembling the crane assemblies, we take into account the technological specifics of the customer's production, as well as the individual requirements reflected in the terms of reference for the crane. In the production of the pratzen crane, we use components from leading manufacturers and trusted suppliers.

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