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Repair of jib cranes

Our company carries out repair and maintenance of construction cranes of various modifications. Professional workers will repair jib cranes of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

We provide a wide range of services for the installation and adjustment of cranes: installation on a column with any kind of foundation work, installation and adjustment of a jib crane on the wall of a building with repair.

Qualified electricians will check and repair the electrical part of the jib crane, install a frequency converter, which will allow smooth starting and stopping of the electric motor, smooth speed control. The implementation of a two-speed mode of operation is possible.

At the request of the customer, we increase the maximum lifting capacity of the crane and reinforce its structure. We implement non-standard technical solutions. Installation and repair of jib cranes is carried out with the preparation of all the necessary documentation.

Jib cranes are devices equipped with a lifting device that is suspended on a trolley or console. These mechanisms are used to move goods both vertically and horizontally at various enterprises. They have gained wide popularity in the modern crane market.

Jib cranes: repair

Our company is engaged in the repair and maintenance of various types of cranes. Repair of jib cranes is carried out by specialists of the "Gutman Crane" Company in the shortest possible time. We undertake repair work of any level of complexity, since we have extensive experience in working with lifting equipment.

In order to install and configure the jib crane, you will need qualified assistance. We carry out the following main types of work:

  • installation of a jib crane on a column and performance of any kind of foundation work;
  • adjustment and installation of cantilever-type cranes on the wall of a building with repair.

Experienced electricians of our company carry out verification and repair of the electrical part of the crane, as well as installation of a frequency converter. The presence of this element allows for a smooth start and speed control, as well as an accurate stop of the electric motor. If necessary, you can implement a two-speed mode of operation.

Depending on the needs of the customer, the lifting capacity of the crane is increased and its structure is strengthened. Thus, the jib crane becomes more reliable and functional. Implementation of non-standard solutions is possible. Installation and repair of jib cranes is carried out in accordance with the previously prepared documentation.

For additional information regarding the price and timing of repair work, please contact the specialists of our company. We guarantee high quality and timely execution of all types of work.