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Special bridge cranes with flexible or rigid suspension of the traverse and a rotating trolle

Special bridge cranes with flexible or rigid suspension of the traverse and a rotating trolley are designed to perform a wide range of technological operations, including for working with rolled metal, slabs, pipes, long loads and containers.

To move loads of various types, such overhead cranes can be equipped with replaceable traverses equipped with the necessary load-gripping bodies: magnets, pliers, controlled claws for picking up, and when specialized load-gripping devices are removed, they can work with piece loads in a hook mode.

Special bridge cranes

The main feature of this type of overhead brige cranes is the automated rotation of the load-gripping body, and, consequently, of the load itself, using a rotating crane trolley. The upper part of the rotary trolley consists of a frame, on the platform of which a lifting mechanism and control of the load gripper is mounted. The frame of the lower part of the bogie has running wheels with which the bogie rests on the rails of the bridge and the travel mechanism.


The swivel part of the bogie is supported on the circular rail of the lower frame by three running wheels, one of which is driven. In this case, the rotation of the bogie can be full-revolving, providing an unlimited number of revolutions in one direction, or non-swivel (up to 370 °), and the rotation of the load can be coaxial and eccentric with respect to the bogie track.


With a rigid suspension of the traverse, a shaft with fixed guides is mounted on the swivel frame, in which the vertical rods of the traverse with load-gripping elements move. Thanks to these rods, the traverse does not receive strong swaying during unsteady movement. To the same shaft, to its cantilever platform, a crane operator's cab is attached, which provides a wide view of the service area.


The design feature is that the crane trolleys consist of separate technologically complete and unified unit-blocks, which are arranged taking into account the wide interchangeability of units and parts.

When assembling the crane assemblies, we take into account the technological specifics of the customer's production, as well as the individual requirements reflected in the terms of reference for the crane. In the production of the overhead traveling trolley crane, we use components from leading manufacturers and trusted suppliers.



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