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General information about the SPEEDHOIST D-SH:

Highest possible safety

  • For users, load, employment location and facilty
  • Automatic cut out in the highest and lowest hook position and on overloading
  • Diagnostic tools (Blinking code at the handle and error log in the control terminal)

Strong performance

  • Bobbing handle for up and down manipulation
  • Free configuration of a digital output (for controlling external machines and devices)
  • Individually and easily adjustable dynamics (speed and acceleration)
  • Plannable maintenance intervals with integrated hour counts

Individual customer adjustments

  • Two sizes: for loads of up to 80kg or up to 160kg
  • Fitted with either a bobbing handle or D-Grip 
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General information about the DC-WIND CHAIN HOIST:

High safety standard

  • Safe handling of loads with brake and clutch system (IP Code 55)

Customer-specific adjustments

  • Individiual adjustment of e.g. lifting height and storage form
  • Adjustment for different climate zones (e.g. Cold Climate versions) and deployment offshore or in high altitude

Comfortable to use

  • Fast moving in the main hub
  • Precise positioning in the precision hub
  • Easy locking of the chassis
  • Ergonomic control switch

Quick setup and easy maintenance

  • Plug & Lift plug connections for ease of commissioning and service
  • Electrical breaks and friction clutch with slippage control for product longetivity and extremely low wear and tear
  • Gears and friction clutch are maintenance-free for up to 10 years
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General information about the RU AND CF ROLLING CHASSIS:

Click-fit chassis

  • Easily fitted with a click
  • Curve-capable bottom flanche chassis (min curve radius: 800mm)
  • Easily adjustable for normal profile or parallel flanche carriers
  • Integrated fall and climbing safety
  • Universally usable with loads of up to 550kg
  • Flanche width 50-91mm

Rolling chassis U / RU

  • Excellent driving properties
  • Fast and easy fitting
  • Deployable on straight and angled profiles
  • Low noise-levels and smooth driving
  • Curve-capable up to a smallest radius of 1000mm
  • Fall safety integrated in side shield
  • Low carrier wear and tear
  • Available version with either polyamid or steel rolls
  • Compact modern industrial design
  • Four sizes: U 11 up to 1100kg, U 22 up to 2200kg, U 34 up to 3400kg, RU 56 up to 5600kg

Electrical traction drives E 11 to E 34

  • Smooth starting and stopping
  • Low-oscillation load handling
  • Quick fitting and comissioning
  • Made for use with the DC-Pro chain hoist
  • Controlled via control switches DES 10-C / DSE 10-CS
  • Plug & Drive for rapid deployment
  • Easy fitting of the control switch for crane/cross travel
  • Optional: Cross end switch for automatic switch off before or after

KBK chassis

  • E 22 by default has the friction wheel traction drive RF 125 for use with the light crane system KBK
  • Short travel distance on vertical fitting

Short trolley

  • Loads up to 2000kg
  • Optimized build for maximum use of room height
  • Deployable in all chassis versions

Double chain hoist

  • Loads up to 2500kg
  • Hook distances from 550mm to 3200mm
  • Versions available: stationary, movable, for KBK use, and for swivel chassis
  • Low polygon effect and higher chain longetivity since no additional chain redirection are necessary
  • Made for high speeds
  • Asymmetrical load spread possible
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General information about the E-BALANCER:

  • Special modes for leading and mating
  • Intuitive controls for hub and lowering movements with the use of switches
  • Ergonomical handle
  • Industry suitable, robust technology
  • High safety through permanent load monitoring
  • Service friendly throuhg Plug & Play connections
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