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Technical inspection is carried out on all hoisting machines. Cranes must undergo an initial full survey. It is carried out only by professional workers who have all the necessary knowledge for this.

With the help of a technical survey, the following can be established:

The installation of the crane, and the device itself, fully complies with all the rules, its data in the passport, the documentation that is provided for its registration;
The condition of the crane is such that it will ensure safety during use for workers.
The survey can be partial or complete.
When a full survey is completed by workers, the following procedures are performed:

  • dynamic and statistical tests.
  • During a partial technical examination, specialists simply inspect the crane, and tests with loads will not be carried out.

Such a partial inspection is carried out every year of crane operation, at least. And the full one should be carried out every three years. If lifting equipment is rarely used, then a survey for it will be organized every five years, at least. This technique includes various cranes that serve the engine room of the pumping and power station, the compressor unit, devices that are needed when repairing devices.
If the crane is registered with the technical supervision authorities in your area, their specialists can classify it as rarely used devices, if there is every reason for this. When the device is not registered, it is classified as such a device that is rarely used by the engineering and technical staff for the supervision of civil defense at the enterprise itself.

There are frequent cases when a full technical examination is carried out not in due time, but earlier. It is needed in the following situations:

  • If the crane is installed at a new facility, industrial enterprise, construction site;
  • If the apparatus is undergoing reconstruction;
  • If there was a major overhaul, lifting mechanisms were replaced, metal structures were repaired, units and design elements were replaced;
  • When the hooks and hooks have been replaced, then statistical tests are needed.

"Gutman Crane" Company carries out inspection of lifting equipment, in accordance with the rules and regulations. We offer a quality check of cranes only by the best and qualified employees.