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The trolley bus duct is a protected current supply system for ensuring the supply of electricity to moving mechanisms: crane installations, monorails, overhead tracks, power tools, machine tools and other devices that require power when moving along predetermined paths.

The trolley of the current collector, which provides the transfer of electricity from the busbar trunking to the mechanism, is mechanically connected to the moving system and provides a continuous supply of electricity, moving with the system.

Closed trolley current lead (busbar in a plastic box with tires inside).

Closed trolley bus duct is a more advanced design for supplying power to lifting equipment, current-carrying buses are in a closed box. This provides protection against dust, precipitation, electric shock. For more reliable protection, special shutters are additionally used that cover the slot for moving the current collector (carriage). Electrical protection degree from IP13 to IP44

Open type trolley current lead.

Open trolley current lead serves as a classic power supply for bridge, gantry cranes. The material of the tires is rolled steel: angle, channel, bent sheet, rail, etc. To increase the maximum operating current, copper and aluminum can be used together with steel as a material. The degree of electrical protection is IP00.

Applications of the busbar trolley system:

  • Lifting devices and bridge cranes
  • Automated warehouses
  • Textile industry (Tables for cutting fabrics)
  • Food industry
  • Tobacco processing equipment
  • Movable assembly lines

The trolley busbar system consists of insulated busbars and a trolley of the current collector with brushes, eliminating the problems arising in classical power distribution systems based on suspension devices and a cable reel.

This eliminates the possibility of emergencies and malfunctions associated with moving cables.


It is recommended not to use the trolley busbar system outdoors or in places subject to direct sunlight, rain or splashing water. If the busbar trunking is to be used outdoors, the system must be protected by a canopy.

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